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"We’ll probably be ready if we run every morning and evening until Saturday!"

*loud groaning*








It doesn’t matter, since you’re both basic.




Heyyyy, lookit that!  We suppose it would have to return, really; that’s pretty clear cut and dry.  At least as far as the Wii U version is concerned (Though we doubt the 3DS version would be different.).  But it’s good that we could lay another mystery to rest once again! :)


Pic of the Day for August 18th!

Holy WOW that is a cool Assist Trophy.





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You have no.  Idea.  How long we worked on this.


Red arrows represent romantic relationships, one sided or not, and black ones are platonic, like friendships, rivalries, or relatives. Extended thoughts under the break!

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Pic of the Day for August 19th!

Wow, another alternate costume…and the first confirmed new one for a veteran!

Hey wait a minute, that’s another confirmed returning stage down there! :D


Well well well!  Thanks for the heads up, Spongey.  We did a little bit of digging ourselves and found that there is actually a site that has done a full translation as well (On the right).  Here’s the full HD English image.

A couple of things worth mentioning here that people have been sending our way:

  • Under the Streetpass segment, it lists ‘Streetpass Battle (Minigame)’.  Since this is listed as a type of minigame, it would seem that that would be a new feature we haven’t seen up until now.  We’ll keep you guys posted if anything else new comes up about it.
  • The only third parties listed under the copyright section are Capcom, Sega, and Bandai Namco, which many have suggested could be yet another bad sign for Snake. It should be noted, though, that Shigesato Itoi and APE remain uncredited as well, despite Mr. Saturn already being confirmed as an item. It’s likely that the copyright section just refers to characters on the box art. That said, the fact that only Mega Man, Pac-Man, and Sonic are shown and described as “guest characters” does seem to imply that there won’t be any more third-party characters. We’ll see.
  • This section makes it seem as though Mii characters can be transferred between the 3DS and Wii U versions as expected.

More info as it develops! :)


You know, we’re very surprised by the utter lack of rock Pikmin in Smash so far. So how about, not an Assist Trophy, but an item? A simple throwing item like Mr. Saturn, but with higher knockback. Failing that, they’ll probably make it into Olimar’s custom specials.

We don’t think they’ll be assist trophies, really, simply because they don’t do much on their own! It’d be a pretty underwhelming AT. Though the bomb rock idea of yours ain’t half bad…